Yoga with Briar

  • Certified Yoga Kids Facilitator
  • Adult Hatha Yoga Instructor
  • Yoga for Seniors Specialist 
  • Themed Workshop Presenter (see below)
  • Pre and Post Natal Yoga Facilitator
  • Pilates Matwork Instructor

Briar came to Yoga through a dance and performance background with a desire to stay fit and gain more peace of mind.  As an actor and singer, she brings a creative approach to her teaching and workshop environments so that students of all levels can benefit from the mind/body inspired teachings of Yoga.

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Current Weekly Classes

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at Maureen Rae’s Yoga Studio
5324 Dundas Street West, (W of Kipling) Etobicoke
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Previous yoga experience is not necessary.  As participants at various levels of expertise, we will benefit by connecting with ‘beginner’s mind’ ~ to explore and discover the essence of yoga practice that is unique to each individual.  Classes offer breath work, meditation techniques and stress relief practices. Please register via

Friday Yoga with Briar
Friday mornings 9:15 – 10:25 am

at Rhythmic Rainbow
175 Birmingham St., (W of Islington, N of Lake Shore), Etobicoke

Photo: James Dean

This is an Adult Hatha Yoga class with modifications for all ages, body types and levels of experience.
There is much to be gained by committing to a regular yoga practice.  Attending even one class a week without fail, helps you improve well-being and self-care. You are encouraged to use a posture-a-week to build your own yoga routine at home.

*Parking for this studio in now available at the Green P north of the Lakeshore between 8th and 9th or on local side streets 13th and 8th St. north of Birmingham St. for example.
You may add a walking meditation to your practice if you allow an extra 10 minutes to get to the studio from where you leave your car. Organizing a car pool might be an efficient way to get to this Friday class.

Please email Briar if interested.

Other Offerings



Kids! Parents! Aunts! Uncles! Grandparents or God-parents! Come one come all.
Have fun stretching, balancing, trying new poses and getting to chill with your favourite loved ones!
We will use traditional yoga postures and some partner poses to help keep everyone peaceful, mindful and  “on their toes”.

Contact Briar for info on future family friendly sessions.

OMG to OM Yoga for Teens

The class consists of stress-busting stretching, give yourself a break breathing and purposeful poses in order to build strength and stamina in body and mind.Teens and young adults (males and females 11 and up) of all levels of experience are welcome and encouraged to find the appropriate way of practicing yoga for their own body.

We will discover and explore creative ways of moving and meditating for greater ease and comfort in this busy world. This is a great introduction toMindfulness training.

‘ The goal of Meditation is not to control your thoughts, but to stop letting your thoughts control you. ‘

Contact Briar for info on the next sessions.

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